English in a Flash

As stated by Renaissance Learning . . . Only English in a Flash helps students quickly learn the content-area vocabulary necessary for success in specific subjects. 

With English in a Flash, you can close the vocabulary gap between your English language learners (ELLs) and other struggling students, and their classmates. English in a Flash provides the vocabulary that moves students from learning English to learning in English, no matter their current level of proficiency.

About English in a Flash Book Lists

As you have probably already seen on the AR website or literature, there are three libraries of books for English in a Flash. Each library has many recommended books. Unfortunately, just being recommended for this program has not guaranteed that the book will remain in print. 

ARBooklists.com has weeded through all of the books in each library and has found which titles are still available. This will save you hours of your valuable time searching each title only to find it may no longer be available. We update these lists often so your lists will be as accurate as possible although books are constantly going out of print.

We have condensed all three libraries so each list will represent the entire program.

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